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Looking at babies through ultrasound scans has become a normal procedure of pregnancy. No research says it’s completely safe but the process is still popular among people.

A powerful ultrasound done in ultrasound clinic of Doppler Sound have found up to fourfold increment in perinatal deaths. Ultrasound clinics have observed doubling of pre term labor in ultrasound scanned groups. And 20 miscarriages were found with many retardation of the child’s growth in the womb. Few studies say that there may be subtle effects which are still unmeasured in humans. For instance when monkeys were regularly exposed to ultrasound showed clear change in their behavior with low body weight and poor muscle tone. When ultrasound was exposed to guinea pigs their brain tissue near bone temperature got raised with around 5°C.

When ultrasound is done in same situation with humans at the time of developing brain, the possibilities exist of vital cells being damaged with very close chances of replacement. The harm could be a long term neurological damage too. These fluctuations brain development leads to left handedness which is not a problem in itself but increases the risk of dyslexia, speech delay and learning difficulties.

Ultrasound is that mirror that gives prior view and detects abnormalities enough to abort. Ultrasound clinics have observed that the view does not improve and overall situation of the baby and due to no medical requirements it’s not necessary at all. It only detects 5000+ potential chromosomal abnormalities. There have been many cases when the ultrasound scans detect dead babies which were later found alive just before induced miscarriage was performed. Generally it picks abnormalities about which nothing can be actually done so the use in itself stands nowhere.

Pregnant women are routinely offered ultrasound scans but researchers who study foetal behavior only suggest one and a half hour of time to be safe of all the scans. Still there are many commercial companies that offer lengthy videos of the baby moving inside the womb even after several warnings.

Many companies give safety licenses to offer parents more attraction towards ultrasound. What women need to keep in mind that excess of anything has got to be harmful at some point of time. So touching experiences are only meant for some gestures and not to disturb the developing phases of baby inside the womb.

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Peek Into Ultrasound Research

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Peek Into Ultrasound Research

This article was published on 2011/04/21